Saturday, September 20, 2008

Emacs Modes - some notes

I've been playing with creating a couple of useful functions in Emacs, and started thinking about packaging a couple of them into some sort of useful grouping.

So I'd need to define either Major, derived or minor modes.

Deciding which was pretty much half of the hassle. Eventually, I ended up going with a half-baked combination of the three, believe it or not. My little bit of usefulness is only handy for people connecting to Microsoft SQLServer databases, wanting to trawl through stored procs, looking for tables, trying to figure out how everything interconnects. Maybe the stuff will be ready for release someday, but I found some stuff pretty interesting.

In the meantime, I couldn't find templates for creating modes, so I wrote some.

Go visit the link below for the Elisp code:
modes-atomic.el at:

Some interesting links to look up: - Sacha is an Emacs nut/guru The really dense, not too easy to understand, but still good Elisp manual

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